Tonality on Kelly Clarkson Show

As a part of Kelly Clarkson's Rad Human Hour, Kelly chooses people and organizations that are doing work to make the world a better place.

Alexander Lloyd Blake speaks on Kelly Clarkson show

On being on the show, Blake says, "it is amazing to think that the small idea that one has can become something that is seen and noticed across the country. I feel that our work to make people feel seen and heard resonate stronger now than when we started. I am honored to continue this work with the inspiration musicians and supporters that make up the Tonality family.

Blake was one of seven leaders invited to speak on the Kelly Clarkson Show

After her introduction stating that Tonality was "one of the most unique and powerful choirs in the country," Kelly Clarkson spoke with both Blake and David Morales, a singer in Tonality, about their experience with the music and in the live concerts.

“One of the most unique and powerful choirs in the country...” - Kelly Clarkson

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