Tonality at the GRAMMY Awards

Alexander Lloyd-Blake and Pietro Torrisi travelled to Las Vegas, NV to accompany Tehillah Alphonso at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Tehillah received a nomination in the “Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals” category for “A Change is Gonna Come” performed by Tonality. We are so proud of her for this huge accomplishment!

“It was a very special experience to be at the Grammys. I was so grateful to be able to celebrate with Tehilah, the only woman and the only person of color in that category. It was an honor to watch her break down some barriers and continue to center music that focuses on stories of marginalization.” - Alexander Lloyd Blake

“The concept that took me the longest to grasp was that my musical heroes, my peers, and myself – though at completely different levels in our musical journeys – all held the same title for a night. No matter the celebrity status, the number of streams, the social media followers, or the lack thereof, everyone was in the same boat. Every single nominee not only created something they fell in love with, but it reached a mass of people that believed in their music and deemed it worthy of the highest honor in the music industry. If there’s anything last weekend taught me, it’s that regardless of who gets the trophies at the end of the night, being recognized is a win on its own. And there are not enough words to describe how grateful I am for that experience.” - Tehillah Alphonso

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