Tonality Announces Collaboration with Hulu's "The Other Black Girl" and Composer EmmoLei Sankofa

Tonality, a GRAMMY-nominated Los Angeles choir known for its mission to inspire empathy, awareness and change through singing human stories, is thrilled to announce its involvement in Hulu's acclaimed series "The Other Black Girl." 

An adaptation of Zakiya Dalila Harris’ 2021 New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, the Hulu series tells the story of a Black woman, Nella Rogers, and her struggles in a white-dominated corporate world. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Tonality's vocals feature prominently in every episode of the series. 

Tonality Singers record vocals for Hulu's series "The Other Black Girl." (Photo: Miles Bitton)

The project saw Tonality working closely with the talented black female composer EmmoLei Sankofa, known for her impactful compositions that blend traditional and contemporary styles. EmmoLei's work, including notable projects such as composing the music for the short film "Project CC," which is part of the Walt Disney Studios collection, as well as involvement in Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. 

Tonality’s Founder and Artistic Director, Alexander Lloyd Blake, also made a significant contribution to the project as the vocal arranger, adding a unique dimension to the show's soundscape. 

EmmoLei Sankofa stands, leaning on a piano as Alexander Lloyd Blake plays. (Photo: Miles Bitton)

Recorded at Hollywood’s renowned Sunset Sound studio earlier this year, the project brings together the extraordinary talents of Tonality singers Kelci Hahn, Lindsey Abdou, David Morales, Matthew Lewis, and Alexander Lloyd Blake. 

Adding to the significance of this collaboration is the involvement of Jordan Reddout, show-runner and co-writer of "The Other Black Girl," who also serves on Tonality's board of directors. 

"The collaboration with Hulu and EmmoLei really represents a new frontier for Tonality," said Tonality’s Founder and Artistic Director Alexander Lloyd Blake. “We’re honored to lend our voices to a series that portrays so many diverse narratives — and in such a powerful way.”

"The collaboration with Hulu and EmmoLei really represents a new frontier for Tonality"

With several notable achievements in the books, 2023 has been a monumental year for the choir. Just last week, Tonality received its first GRAMMY nomination for a collaboration on Italian-American composer Carla Patullo’s new album “So She Howls” with the Scorchio Quartet. In June, the choir’s flashmob performances with pop icon Kelly Clarkson went viral on social media, amassing tens of millions of views.  

Tonality will begin accepting submissions for its annual audition process on Dec. 1. Interested singers are invited to sign up for Tonality’s email to receive the latest updates. Sing up at

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