Tonality Celebrates First GRAMMY® Win with Carla Patullo, Scorchio Quartet for 'So She Howls' - Best New Age, Ambient or Chant Album

Los Angeles, CA – Tonality, the acclaimed vocal ensemble known for its mission to inspire empathy, awareness and change through singing human stories, is thrilled to announce its recent win at the 2024 GRAMMY Awards. "So She Howls," the groundbreaking album by Carla Patullo featuring twelve Tonality vocalists, won the prestigious GRAMMY Award for Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album.

This accolade not only celebrates the talent and hard work of all those involved in the album's creation but also underscores Tonality's dedication to exploring and giving voice to authentic human stories through music. "So She Howls" is an autobiographical journey through grief and adventure, following Patullo's near-death experience.

Featured Tonality vocalists Alexander Lloyd Blake, Executive and Founding Artistic Director; Alex Robinson, Anna Crumley, Becca Tomasko, Cassandra Duschane, David Morales, Gracie Laboy, Kim Dawson, Kion Heidari, Lorenzo Zapata, Mariah Rae, Molly Pease, Natalie Gonzalez

The album, composed by Carla Patullo and performed alongside The Scorchio Quartet and engineered by GRAMMY® nominee James Frazee, has left an indelible mark on listeners and critics alike, described as "a shimmering testament" that "will leave you haunted, hopeful, and ultimately transformed” (Raynbow Affair).

Alexander Lloyd Blake, the executive and founding artistic director of Tonality, expressed his gratitude and excitement over the win, saying, "This GRAMMY victory is a recognition of our collective effort to push the boundaries of choral music and to create art that resonates on a personal and universal level. We are immensely proud of Carla, the other musicians and Tonality’s vocalists for their passion, dedication, and the artistry and heart they brought to the project.”

Tonality extends heartfelt thanks to the Recording Academy for this honor and to our supporters who have been on this journey with us. As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we remain committed to our mission of using music and authentic stories to encourage empathy, create dialogue and inspire positive change.

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