Jonathan Byram


Why did you join Tonality?

I joined Tonality because the music we sing is so moving and timely in its subject matter as well as inspiring in its creativity.  I remember my first rehearsal when I was just a sub.  I was happy to have a gig with a great group of singers, but then I found myself tearing up during one of the songs. That doesn't happen at my other "gigs."  I knew that I had found something special.

Why do you feel a group like this is important?

Tonality gives voice to stories, composers, and lyricists/poets that need to be heard and that lead to understanding, empathy, and healing.

What is a particular moment you remember from singing in a Tonality concert?

I remember a member of the choir sharing vulnerably about a very difficult and personal life experience that connected with some of the music we were singing.  It breathed life into the music for me and allowed me to feel far more connected to my fellow singers.