Hannah Abrahim


Why did you join Tonality?

I joined Tonality because I don’t get to sing classical pieces often, and I miss the special connection that comes with singing in a choir full of passionate singers. I also strive to be in rooms where I can be inspired by/learn from my peers and challenge myself to improve my musicianship.

Why do you feel a group like this is important?

Tonality is important because music has the power to touch people in a way that politicians, articles, and news outlets cannot. As musicians, I believe we have a responsibility to use our platform to uplift our audience, share neglected stories, empower the oppressed, and facilitate empathy to encourage inclusivity and make a positive difference in our society.

What is a particular moment you remember from singing in a Tonality concert?

My favorite moment with Tonality so far was singing at LA Pride! It was a great experience to share our values with an audience we might’ve never encountered otherwise through such a vast range of music.