Concert Program

Put Your Guns Down

September 18, 2022 7:00 PM

A Note from the Artistic Director

Tonality is a choir that was formed to envision a new environment where diverse singers could come together to create community and sing for justice.

Our first concert on social justice issues was this one, "Put Your Guns Down", that occurred just six days after the Las Vegas mass shooting on October 1, 2017. We have performed this concert five times before this evening, and each one has occurred within months - or days - from another mass shooting.

We hope that we will be able to retire this music and present concerts on other topics, but we feel we have a duty to members of our community to continue to shed light on these topics to encourage activism and to aid in the healing process. On this note, we understand that these issues may be difficult to listen to, so please feel free to step out at any point during the concert as needed.

We sincerely hope that you hear these messages in a new way, that you find a closer connection to others who have been directly affected by these stories, and that you discover new ways to become involved in creating a new reality where our loved ones no longer have to continue to watch inaction turn into mourning.

Thank you for joining us.

— Alexander Lloyd Blake

Founder and director, Tonality

Alexander Lloyd Blake
Executive/ Founding Artistic Director

Concert Program


Music by:
Anthony J. Maglione
Text by:
Arlin Buyert

No more! Can you hear? Can you hear shots that killed his brother? No more!

Make Peace

Music by:
David Lang
Text by:
David Lang

If you can make peace, make peace:

in the heavens, in us, in all the world.

Make peace.

Why Do We Love our Guns

Music by:
Karen Siegel
Text by:
Karen Siegel

Why do we love our guns

more than our neighbors?

When David Heard

Music by:
Norman Dinerstein
Text by:
From the Bible, II Samuel 18:33

When David heard that Absalom was slain, he

went up to his chamber over the gate and

wept. And thus, he said: “Oh my son

Absalom, my son, my son, Absalom! Would

God I had died for thee, oh Absalom, my son,

my son.”

Seven Last Words of the Unarmed

Music by:
Joel Thompson
Text by:

II. Trayvon Martin:

What are you following me for?

III. Amadou Diallo:

Mom, I’m going to college.

V. Oscar Grant:

You shot me!

Soloist: Darrell Morris Jr.

A Lullaby

Music by:
Ryan Murphy
Text by:
Eugene Field

The stars are twinkling in the skies;

the earth is lost in slumbers deep.

So hush, my sweet, and close thine eyes,

and let me lull thy soul to sleep.

Compose thy dimpled hands to rest,

and like a little birdling lie secure within thy

cozy nest upon my loving mother breast,

and slumber to my lullaby.

So hushaby, hushaby,

hush my sweet and close thine eyes,

and slumber to my lullaby,

so hushaby, hushaby.

The moon is singing to a star

the little song I sing to you.

The father sun has strayed afar

as baby’s sire is straying too.

And so the loving mother moon

sings to the little star on high;

and as she sings, her gentle tune is borne to me,

and thus I croon for thee, my sweet, that

lullaby of hushaby, hushaby,

hush my sweet and close thine eyes,

and slumber to my lullaby,

so hushaby, hushaby.

There is a little one asleep

that does not hear his mother’s song;

but angel watchers as I weep

surround his grave the night-tide long.

And as I sing, my sweet, to you,

oh, would the lullaby I sing,

the same sweet lullaby he knew

while slumbering on this bosom too,

were borne to him on angel’s wing!

So hushaby, hushaby,

lullaby, lullaby, hushaby, hushaby,


Please Stay

Music by:
Jake Runestad
Text by:
Adapted from tweets using #IKeptLiving – expressions of hope from those who battle depression and chose to live.

No! Don’t go!

Don’t let your worst day be your last.

The storm is strong, but it will pass.

You think you can’t go on another day,

but please stay. Just stay.

Hope is real. Help is real.

You are breath, you are life,

you are beauty, you are light.

Your story is not over.

You are not a burden to anyone.

Please stay. Just stay.

Becca Tomasko, soloist

This Love Between Us, I: "Buddhism"

Music by:
Reena Esmail
Text by:
Text from the Dhammapada Chapter10 (Dandavagga) Verses129-132

All beings tremble before violence

sǝbbĕ tāntǝsī dǝndāsǝ

All fear death

sǝbbĕ bhǝyyǝntĭ mǝchūnō

All love life

sǝbbĕ sǝm jĭvītǝm pĭyǝm

See yourself in others.

Then whom can you hurt?

What harm can you do?

For he who seeks happiness (su-khǝ)

By hurting those who seek happiness

Will never find happiness

For your brother and your sister, they are like you

They, too, long to be happy

Never harm them.

dǝndēnā nǝ hĭmsǝtī

And when you leave this life

Then you will find happiness too

Earth Song

Music by:
Frank Ticheli
Text by:
Frank Ticheli

Sing, Be, Live, See.

This dark stormy hour,

The wind, it stirs.

The scorched earth

Cries out in vain:

O war and power,

You blind and blur,

The torn heart

Cries out in pain.

But music and singing

Have been my refuge,

And music and singing

Shall be my light.

A light of song

Shining Strong: Alleluia!

Through darkness, pain, and strife, I'll

Sing, Be, Live, See...


Eye for Eye

Music by:
Shawn Kirchner
Text by:
Shawn Kirchner, with debt to Ghandhi & Jesus

Eye for eye and the world goes blind,

And how deep that darkness, and the light

nowhere to find.

Life for life and the killing goes on,

And how deep that darkness,

like a night without a dawn.

Hate feeds hate in a bitter feast,

And how deep that darkness,

turns human-kind into a hungry beast.

Give us light, give us light that we may see.

This Love Between Us, VI: “Jainism”

Music by:
Reena Esmail
Text by:
From Acharanga Sutra (Part 3: Lecture 15) Tr. Hermann Jacobi

If the mind is sinful,


intent on works,

acting on impulses,

producing cutting and splitting,

quarrels, faults and pains,

if it injures living beings,

if it kills creatures,

then one should not employ such a mind in action.

tǝhǝpǝgārǝm mǝnǝm nō pǝdhārĭjjā gǝmǝnāĕ.

If the speech is sinful,


intent on works,

acting on impulses,

producing cutting and splitting,

quarrels, faults and pains,

if it injures living beings,

if it kills creatures,

then one should not utter that sinful speech.

tǝhǝpǝgārǝm vāĭm nō ŭccārĭjjā.

jĕ yĕ mǝnĕ pāvǝĕ










tǝhǝpǝgārǝm mǝnǝm nō pǝdhārĭjjā gǝmǝnāĕ



  • Hannah Abrahim
  • Cassandra Duschene
  • Kelci Hahn
  • Addy Sterrett
  • Becca Tomasko


  • Kim Dawson
  • Katelyn Dietz
  • Natalie Gonzalez
  • Gracie Laboy
  • Hannah Lewis
  • Valerie Tambaoan


  • Sam Avila
  • Jonathan Byram
  • Isaiah Chacon
  • David Morales
  • Darrell Morris, Jr.
  • Rohan Ramanan


  • Brandon Guzman
  • Matthew Lewis
  • Ian Gabriel Luna
  • Jamal Moore
  • Anthony Moreno


  • Cole Perez, violin 1
  • Sara Jones, violin 2
  • Sarah Tatman, viola
  • Benton Preciado, cello
  • Hakeem Holloway, bass
  • Robin Sukhadia, tabla
  • Kristen Simpson, piano

Deaf Performers

  • Mikey Agyin
  • LaMehammad
  • RiRi Richardson


  • Ashley Rodriguez
  • Gema Niebla

Special Thanks

Company Manager

  • Hasan Crawford

Tonality Board of Directors

  • Dr. Alexander Lloyd Blake, Executive Director
  • Dr. David Connors, Board Chair
  • Dr. Tram Sparks, Vice Chair
  • Joe Trapanese, Secretary
  • Dr. Kimberly Bradshaw, Treasurer
  • Patrick Achis
  • Stacy Brightman
  • Jacob Broussard
  • Shawn Kirchner
  • Stuart Marks
  • Caroline McKenzie
  • Jordan Reddout

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  • Ted Hearne
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  • Jen Belladin Rogers
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  • Booker White

We sincerely thank:

  • Dr. David Connors, Dr. Tram Sparks, and the Tonality Board of Directors
  • Kristen Simpson
  • Daniel Hurlin
  • Miriam Adhanom
  • Daniel Leese
  • Steven Lepe
  • Nikole Luebbe
  • Hollywood Scoring Stage
  • Black Lives Matter LA
  • San Fernando Valley Brady Campaign

We are gathered today on the unceded land of the Tongva peoples. We ask you to join us in acknowledging the Tongva community, their elders both past and present, as well as future generations. This land has nourished, healed, protected and embraced the Tongva peoples for many generations in a relationship of balance and harmony. As members of the Tonality community we acknowledge this legacy. We promote this balance and harmony. We find inspiration from this land; the land of the Tongva. This acknowledgement demonstrates Tonality’s commitment to the process of dismantling the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism and honoring our Nation’s Indigenous Peoples.


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