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Sunday, March 24, 2024
7:00 pm

Lessons Adjusted

In a world where our classrooms shape the future, "Lessons Adjusted" dares to confront the issues that resonate within our school systems. Through the compositions and storytelling, this concert will address topics like the Don't Say Gay Bill, Critical Race Theory, school shootings, and affirmative action – sparking discussions that demand our attention and reflection. But that's not all – "Lessons Adjusted" will be an evening of collaborations and storytelling, with the voices of local high school students taking center stage. Their experiences, stories, and hopes are woven into a symphony of authenticity and empowerment. Through partnerships with organizations dedicated to education, we're setting the stage for a profound exploration of how each one of us can contribute to creating educational environments that nurture empathy, unity, and a more compassionate future. Join us for a concert that isn't afraid to ask the tough questions, isn't afraid to confront the challenges, and isn't afraid to dream of a world where education is a cornerstone of progress.

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Pico Union Project
1153 Valencia Street, Los Angeles CA 90015