Patrick Tsoi-A-Sue


Why did you join Tonality?

I joined because of the community and the high level of musicianship. I also joined because of the mission of the group.

Why do you feel a group like this is important?

It is important to have a group like this in the world because it validates peoples existence and allows them to be more empowered in their life experience.

What is a particular moment you remember from singing in a Tonality concert?

Sharing the story of my immigrant family and their journey to our country and having an audience member approach me and say that he himself had the same experience. Just knowing that someone felt seen and representedI love that people who listen want to know more about the messages after hearing the music. I also love that it presents strong and sometimes difficult messages with the consent of the audience to accept or refuse the message, (although I hope they hear what is said and are able to deal with their past demons to start the healing process.) was meaningful.