Christopher Roney


Why did you join Tonality?

When considering where we are as nation (and globally), an ensemble whose sole purpose is music for the sake of music is not particularly appealing to me. Tonality uses its voice as a catalyst towards empathy and community activism. Its message of hope, peace, and understanding is what drew me in.

Why do you feel a group like this is important?

Music is storytelling. We tell these stories to foster empathy, bridge gaps, and harbor new experiences between people. And I believe the stories that Tonality is sharing are the narratives that we need to hear.

What is a particular moment you remember from singing in a Tonality concert?

I am amazed at the vulnerability and courage of my friends and peers who at our concerts publicly share their personal stories and speak their truth. It may not be a singular moment but it embodies the heart of what Tonality does. And that is collection of moments I will not soon forget.