Arie Lugo


Why did you join Tonality?

I first met  Dr. Alexander Blake at a Tonality booth for a Big Sing LA! event. I was instantly excited to join this community, and haven't looked back since! The vision powerfully weaves the art of classical singing with a relevant backdrop. It's the most meaningful way I can think of to use my gifts and training as a singer.

Why do you feel a group like this is important?

Not only is this group important, it is necessary. We all need doorways to enter hard conversations, and context to begin sharing with compassion. Music is a wonderful way to bring people together. Music is also a great way to heal and process. I've personally experienced both amazing conversation and deep healing as a contributing member of this group, and this kind of progress is extremely important to us all.

What is a particular moment you remember from singing in a Tonality concert?

My first two years in Tonality, I cried singing in every single concert. I especially remember our time recording "Lady in Blue" for our first album. I was so honored to sing alongside the composer and feel from her and our group the visceral emotional surging as we brought this song to life. Learning and leaning into this poem gave me a deeper empathy for women that I had not felt before. It still moves me today when I listen back to the recording. These are the moments in life I cherish so much.